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Interview with Della Rucker – CEO, Wise Economy

  My first impression of Della Rucker was that I had met a force to be reckoned with.  Della is a tornado of ideas and advice.  She is also an experienced economic development professional with a passion for community development.  Della is CEO of Wise Economy. She has over 20-years experience in economic development planning, […]

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How To Use The American Dream Data For Community Development

If You Build It, He Will Come Field of Dreams – 1989 THE AMERICAN DREAM Every body wants it. But, without effective strategic planning communities can get in the way of people achieving their American Dream.  Enabling residents to achieve their American Dream is what every community leadership team should establish as its overarching mission.  The […]

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How Authentic is America's Brand Promise?

Brand America's promise is life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But, the ability to realize the American Dream is different depending on where you live. The ideal location is one that delivers the assets a company requires AND enables employees to achieve the American Dream. Locations where the American Dream is perceived to be more achievable have a competitive advantage in capital attraction that can be leveraged in their branding efforts.

How Authentic is your region?

The American Dream

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