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Ed BurghardThe Strengthening Brand America blog category is to be a forum where economic development professionals and marketing professionals can share their experience with and thoughts on place branding so as a community we have a better appreciation for how to successfully apply the principles for job growth and economic prosperity.

The From the CEO category is to be a forum where I can share thoughts on successful reapplication of private sector product and corporate branding principles in place branding.

Four Step Process For Building A Brand

September 27, 2011 at 10:51 pm, by Edward | 30 Comments | Tags: ,, | Category: Place Brand Building

Building an effective community brand is tough work. But, it helps to have a proven process to guide you. Here is a four-step process that I advocate and teach. The model is conceptually easy, but the implementation requires a good deal of thought. Four Step Model WHO – The first step is to define your […]

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