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Quotable Quotes

“To immigrants, the brand promise of America was simple: if you were willing to be industrious and reasonably virtuous, you could rise in wealth and status in America as you could nowhere else on earth.”
Brand America, The Mother of All Brands

“Since 2002, the image of the United States has declined in most parts of the world. Favorable ratings of America are lower in 26 of 33 countries for which trends are available.”
PEW Global Attitudes Project 2007

“Brand America today finds itself in an unfamiliar position. Derided, mistrusted, misunderstood, even hated, it just can’t seem to do anything right any more. This sometimes happens to very powerful brands, even when their behavior is immaculate, which America’s hasn’t always been.”
America Home Free? By Simon Anholt 2005

“Brands go through strong and weak periods, times of success and times of trouble. Today brand America has problems. Its motives are constantly questioned and the country does not gain the respect it once took for granted. Consequently, the time is ripe for an evaluation of what is wrong with the brand in order that these problems can be addressed and corrected.”
Brand America – The Mother of all Brands book review by Martin Payne

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