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Ed Head ShotTake a moment and share your thoughts on how this website can provide additional value as a resource for training on effective place branding. Your feedback is very important to the success of the Strengthening Brand America mission.

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“Ed, I just want to compliment you on your wonderful blogs and comments that I find on Linkedin. There are so many gratuitous conversations on Linkedin. You never are one of those! I joined nearly 50 groups just to find the best insights on topics that interest me, and out of all of them there are two people that consistently amaze me. You are one of them. Thank you for your contributions. You keep people thinking by giving them important things to ponder.”  Judi Keller

“Thanks for the continuing flow of stimulating material. The whole area of place branding is in its formative stages. Important to this evolution is the merging of the best and most appropriate concepts from the world of consumer goods branding with the special conditions that we are confronted with in place branding. Your ideas are an important contribution to this process. I know that our work is more robust because of your articles and blogs. We’re looking forward to more.”  Bill Baker

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