3f4sqiums6k-mikael-kristensonYou Never Really Have To Face A Challenge Alone When You Belong To A Profession

In this section you will find practical advice from private sector experts on how to reapply product and corporate branding principles for reapplication in place branding. In addition, it includes practical insight into how to effectively lead a complex branding initiative in your community, region or state.

Ideally, in each blog post or interview you will find at least one concept that either challenges your current thinking about place branding, or helps solve a problem you may be facing in branding your location.

In order to ensure a robust discussion of the concepts, I encourage you to share your thoughts and experience by leaving a comment on blog posts. This will help further improve the learning experience for everybody.

If you find something of particular interest, please consider sharing the page URL with a friend or colleague who might also benefit from the information. The more we share with each other as a community, the more effective we will all become in understanding and executing place branding as a strategy to improve the economic prosperity of our communities.

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