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This section shares a few posts from bloggers I regularly read.  I think you will find them educational and thought provoking as well.  I hope your enjoy this new service.

Barberbiz copyDean Barber is one of the more provocative economic development gurus I have met.  Dean is President of Barber Business Advisors LLC, and a frequent speaker at economic development conferences.

Why Mexico Works For Automotive: With a multi-billion dollar wave of new assembly plants, Mexico will soon become the United State’s No. 1 source of imported cars, overtaking Japan and Canada in the process. And that’s a pretty big thing.  To provide you some context, when the North American Free Trade Agreement was signed two decades ago, Mexico produced 6 percent of the cars built in North America. It now provides 19 percent. […] READ MORE

A Revolution In The Making: Living  in Texas, it would be easy for me to see this shale gas boom that our country is experiencing as something bigger than what it really is.  But the fact is more likely that you and I don’t fully comprehend just how big this thing really is. Let’s just say that this energy boom is so big that it has global ramifications and poses the ability for the United States to become an energy powerhouse for decades to come. […] READ MORE

A Recovery At half Speed: Ever since I was a boy, I have been drawn to reading history. Now I realize that my knowledge that the Old West gunfighter Doc Holliday briefly practiced dentistry in Dallas will likely never be of much use to me. But I do not believe my reading of history has been an altogether useless endeavor.  You see, history can provide telltale markers and clues as to the workings of what is happening today. When we look at things from a historical perspective, we can sometimes detect and recognize certain trends and timelines, which thereby gives us a deeper understanding of how things are and how they may play out. […]  READ MORE

Once a Day Marketing copy

Jim Glover is “That Branding Guy”, founder of Once a Day Marketing.  And an expert in the practical application of place branding.  His advice is always spot on and easy to understand.

The Firefly Principles:  Joining us in the studio was Rubina Cohen, CEO of Firefly Strategies, whose manifesto is to generate income and impact in the new economy. Cohen’s background is in marketing and she used these skills to start her own business. The consultancy works with organizations and entrepreneurs as well as non-profits.  Cohen describes the times we live in as the Entrepreneur Era. She defines the new economy as the emergence of the entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to do good and earn a living at the same time. It also means a new relationship between large and small companies. Small companies have a big role to play in the new economy. The shift is due in part to numerous people leaving the 9-5 grind, following their passion and starting businesses. Glover commented that many people focus on their own passion once they retire. […] READ MORE

Making Your Brand Look GreatOklahoma City is running a television campaign that makes their community look fantastic. The visual images in the spot are appealing, exciting and create very positive impressions about their brand. They understand that physical evidence or visual cues are one of 7Ps of Marketing and that powerful imagery build a strong brand in the minds of their target customers. […] READ MORE

Great Design Enhances a Brand: Visual cues about your company and brand are essential for customers to understand your message. Garner shared that he starts the design process by first understanding what the client’s brand is all about and translating that into great visuals that have an emotional impact.  […] READ MORE


The Branding Experts copy

Ed Roach is one of the most practical branding experts I know.  He is CEO of The Branding Experts and works mostly with small businesses.  But, the principles of his advice are equally valuable for economic development professionals.

You’re Stuck in a Rut -That’s How I See It Anyway:  When you listen to the popular media and the topic of branding comes up, they are more times than not discussing consumer brands. Even if they do mention a business brand they often compare it to a consumer brand. Over all I believe that the general public and a large percentage of businesses think a brand to be solely the logo and marketing materials. Even when discussed properly (in my opinion) I rarely ever see an effort to build a solution based on differentiation. Not only that, but very rarely do I see a move to a positioning strategy. Something that absolutely resonates with its audience that makes the business the first choice – a leader. Not just a clever catch-all slogan. […] READ MORE

5 Easy Steps To A Better Brand: Determine your brand values and be sure that they accurately reflect your brand. One way to be sure is this scenario: if you took away any one of the values would your brand cease to exist as that brand? If not, then the value wasn’t a true value. […] READ MORE

What Is Your Brand?: Some say, “I don’t need a brand,” well frankly, you have one whether you want one or not. Essentially your brand is your reputation. Every touch point in your company has an impact on your brand. Branding is about the business and how a business […] READ MORE

Start Your Conversation with Confidence. I just returned from a successful workshop in San Diego where I facilitated (with a friend Marcia Hoeck). We were teaching graphic designers how to drive profits by building brands for clients before any design work is done. Our audience was graphic design firms from across the U.S.  Essentially we went through Marcia and my eleven step branding process. One important issue kept cropping up – confidence. […] READ MORE

Brand Coach copyJim Walton is The Brand Coach and CEO of Brand Acceleration LLC.  I find Jim usually does a great job of tackling a challenging subject and making it easy to understand.

The Amazing Power of Marketing Momentum: A few weeks ago, as I was enjoying my usual early morning reading time, I came across a very interesting article and related video on the subject of success momentum. The video included an interview with a business owner who spoke about how his string of business wins fuels his company’s success and growth. He said that each time they win a new piece of business, the word spreads and creates buzz that generates even more activity. […] READ MORE

Protecting a Community’s Brand How would a secret shopper respond?: The other day, I was reading an article on a newspaper web site and, as is often the case, it offered an opportunity for readers to voice an opinion about the article. I have mixed feelings about such forums. Some of the responders offer positive or constructive comments while a few others are folks who just love to stir the pot with negativity. You know them, they’re Cavemen. Citizens Against Virtually Everything. They’re never happy and they want the world to know it. […] READ MORE

QOL – Not As Important As You Think:  In January, I attended theIndiana Economic Development Course at Ball State University.  The week-long intensive program presented thought-provoking information and fueled vibrant discussions.  It was during a late-morning presentation that I said something so simple and yet, it turns out, quite controversial.  At first, people either argued with me or completely wrote me off; however, many of them came around.  As the week progressed, a number of people pulled me aside and, in hushed tones, told me I might’ve been right.  One woman even described it as an “aha moment.” So, what was it I said? […] READ MORE

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