Interview with McKinley Conway – Patriot, Author of Project New America and Publisher of Site Selection Magazine

McKinley Conway (Chairman of Conway Data, Inc. and Publisher of Site Selection Magazine) is a patriot. He is absolutely passionate about making a difference in this world. I find the contributions McKinley has made throughout his career are personally inspiring. From his work in aeronautics, to his efforts to introduce democracy and improve the political system for people in emerging countries, to his passion for catalyzing forward thinking global planning, McKinley is every bit a statesman and modern day patriot. I wanted to get McKinley’s thoughts about Brand America after reading his recent book – Project New America. This is a book McKinley authored and shared with President Obama to help America more fully fulfill its destiny. It is a book authored from the heart of a man who cares not only for his country, but also for the potential prosperity of every person on the planet. I think you will find McKinley’s perspective on Brand America thought provoking.

  1. Question: How would you articulate Brand America’s promise?

    The promise of Brand America is personal freedom and opportunity — the world’s greatest incentive plan.

  2. Question: What are the challenges that Brand America must address to consistently be seen as “walking the talk”?

    It’s true that in the eyes of many around the world we (Brand America) have faltered. For some years we have mis-managed our economy. We have used some poor judgment in getting into wars on the other side of the world. Our leadership is being questioned.

    Yet, around the world people flock to U.S. embassies to plead for visas to relocate here. Cubans and Jamaicans still risk their lives trying to cross shark-infested waters in flimsy boats to get to Florida. Thousands of Latinos cross our southern border illegally and risk death in remote desert areas to gain entry. Orientals stow away in shipping containers to cross the Pacific and sneak through our ports.

    All of this is concrete evidence that the basic appeal of Brand America remains very, very strong.

    What should we do to restore confidence in Brand America’s leadership? We spelled this out in detail in our report “Project New America” that we submitted to President Obama the month he took office. We still hope he will rise above political manipulations and launch such a private enterprise program.

  3. Question: What are the traits of Brand America that people around the world are likely to find appealing?

    One of our most significant traits is our openness to expression. Free speech and freedom of the press are powerful attractions.

  4. Question: What are the different ways Brand America can keep its promise?

    By investing in improved education systems for the next generation of citizens.

  5. Question: What is the importance of Brand America in the world?

    We serve as a global role model.

  6. Question: Who benefits from a strengthened Brand America?

    Everyone, especially the billions around the world who now live in poverty.

  7. Question: Do you believe Brand America has a relevant, competitive and authentic promise?

    Yes! Yes! Yes!

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