Place Branding Web Success Series: Key to Stimulating Action by your Target Audiences – Visual Value

Web sites are many things to many different users, but a few things are clear – a Web site is not the primary place to promote your brand or broadcast your mission statement.

Not that those things don’t have a place on your Web site, but those should not be – and can not be – the primary focus of a successful site, especially if the site is designed by the InSync Media web design agency to stimulate interest in a location or begin the process of building a relationship with capital investment decision makers.

So, let’s talk about what should be on your site, and how the site can support your economic development and place branding efforts for your store or business. If you have a shop you can also do the trading market with a professional Tradesmen, which is know for working with people who sell and buy products with lots of experience. What is Digital Marketing? Typically, it’s promoting and optimising your brand and website online. There’s a vast array of channels and platforms that can be used from Google Ads and Instagram Stories to seo stoke on trent and email marketing. You can check that here for the best seo and merketing services. Our team have worked with them all, and are in a great position to advise you on what channels will work best for you. For example, a college targeting teenagers will likely have more success on SnapChat than on Facebook. The benefit of paid advertising is that it’s instant, once your adverts are up you can expect instant results and traffic. With the increase in retargeting – when you see that nice pair of shoes, you were looking at, as an advert on every website and app you then go on to use/see. Why not set up a pay per click campaign, and a retargeting campaign in tandem, therefore the website traffic you’ve paid for will see you more than once, even better why not offer retargeted potential customers, a discount code to incentivise them. SEO is a much longer process, but a successful SEO campaign will put you and your brand/website in the top positions in Google, with this, you can expect to gain a lot of traffic – if the keyword research has been done well. Achieving the number 1 position is pointless if the keyword doesn’t have search volume or match the searches intent. According to professionals like agence seo, the beauty of digital marketing is that the best campaigns can run all alongside and complement each other. Pay per click, Email Marketing and SEO.

The top priority for any Web site is to provide the straightest line between the information available and what the visitor is looking for. If you are promoting a location such as a city, county or state, and the visitor to your site wants information on the demographic makeup of that area, then your home page must allow that visitor to find that particular information in the fewest number of clicks possible.

Clicking through a tourism video – or worse, wading through hundreds of hyperlinks – only slows down the visitor. In fact, that is what happens on many economic development sites.

The most important page on any Web site is the home page. Space on the home page is, obviously, the most valuable. It is your best, and only, chance to capture a user’s attention, and keep it long enough to allow the user to find the information he or she is looking for.

With that in mind, how many users come to a site looking for an organization’s or place’s brand or mission statement? Few, if any. So that’s why those types of messages are given support roles. They can be found on the site, but they are not given primary roles.

So what should be promoted on that prime real estate that is your home page? It’s something we call “Visual Value” – and if not used properly, it will make or break the success of a site.

“Visual Value” is a process of bringing to the front of a Web the elements that you feel are the most important.

Decades before we had Web sites, we had department stores, such as Macy’s and Lazarus. And to get shoppers into the store, they promoted their goods in store windows. Not all of their goods, of course, but just enough to entice a passer-by to come into the store and browse all of the offerings

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