Now is the time to Strengthen Brand America

In my last post, I reported that Brand America’s equity declined based upon the Country Brand Index 2008 Report results. I raised the question – How long will America hold the top spot?

A newly published report by Financial Times suggests Brand America has already fallen from the top spot globally. No longer is Brand America the most competitive in the world. Brand America is in second place according to World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report for 2009-2010.

Effective reapplication of product and corporate branding principles to effectively position Brand America for an increased share of global foreign direct capital investment is part of the solution. This involves improving the value proposition of Brand America so it is more competitive versus other location options. Doing this sooner rather than later is mission critical to long-term success.

Perhaps tumbling from first place will serve as a catalyst to address Strengthening Brand America more aggressively and to place an even higher priority within the entire U.S. economic development community to become more competitive for foreign direct investment inflow.

In your opinion, can Brand America regain the #1 position for global competitiveness?

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2 Comments so far

  1. JL Mealer

    September 9, 2009

    Just wait for us to break out with the MEALER and our advertising push for all things American made.

    And I am serious.

    JL Mealer
    Mealer Companies LLC
    America’s Next Major Automaker
    & 100% Renewable Energy Device MFG.

  2. Todd Sebastian

    September 10, 2009

    YES! I am a firm believe that in the realm of branding, just about anything is possible. However, it requires a clear, concise, and compelling message — consistently communicated from the top down across every possible touchpoint. For a CPG brand, that means from the CEO down to every single company employee, constituent and stakeholder. For America, that means from President Obama on down. Regardless of one’s political orientantion, I think the majority of Americans can agree that Obama seems incredibly sincere and determined in his quest to improve our reputation around the world — including, but not limited to, an image of tolerance, cooperation, empathy and open-mindedness (vs. egocentrism, self-centeredness and hostility). With that kind of conviction and clear thinking at the top, anything is possible.

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