2012 Business Executive Survey Results – The American Dream


Ed BurghardWhat Do Business Executives Think About The American Dream Composite Index?

We recently ran a market research survey among business executives to assess the role the American Dream Composite Index can play as a differentiator of location choices in site selection.  A total of 83 executives completed the questionnaire.

From this study, it is logical to infer that business executives will likely use state level American Dream Composite Index scores as one way to help them differentiate between location options in site selection.

The following links provide additional insight into what the American Dream Composite Index is and how it can be used to help guide strategic planning.

How Authentic is Brand America’s Promise?

Time To Change The Dialogue

Utilizing The American Dream Composite Index To Identify Regional Performance Gaps

Utilizing The American Dream Composite Index To Identify State Performance Gaps











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  2. Michael Haywood

    February 17, 2013

    As a Canadian, with an American mother, I am witness in close proximity to the American Dream….and, I am concerned. As a person interested in economic development, I can appreciate the fact that location decisions (all factors being held constant) might lean toward those communities/regions/states where the American Dream indicies are more intact and positive; however, it seems ironic that location decisions of many American based corporations are leading to the continuing decimation of the American Dream.

    Certainly many location decisions are based on a slew of quality-of-life indicators and personal preferences of corporate owners, but what isn’t clear is the extent to which The American Dream survey results will be a determining factor in future location decisions.

    Furthermore, there are numerous reasons why certain states and regions perform better on the American Dream index, but the extent to which they do rank higher is not necessarily a pre-condition for corporate success – more important than the availability of resources, capabilities, and capital, access to markets, and lower operating and logistical costs.

    As we all know the promises associated with the American Dream are undeer attack and are being undermined on many fronts – high rates of nemployment; high levels of personal debt; lack of trust in governing institutions; religious intolerance; lowerr levels of educational achievement, concern for personal security; a diminishing sense of hope, consumer confidence and in some cases happiness.

    Though the results of this survey provide an interesting, comparative and barometric measure, I can only hope that future studies delve deeper into the true state of the American Dream. In the past decade the mood of the country has changed considerably. There has been a significant cultural re-alignment, a technological revolution, and a 180 degree shift in economic fortunes all leading toward massive re-thinking of how success in business and communities can best be achieved.

    Perhaps the results of this survey can be used as another lever and impetus to start deep conversations about the new American dream and an exploration and discovery of American ideals.

    Let not the results of this survey become another wedge in the demise of regions and states already devasted by a hollowing out of American industry.

    Respectfully submitted.

  3. Ed Burghard

    February 17, 2013

    Michael – Great points. Xavier University actually has quite a bit of learning on the American Dream. Hopefully, this study will encourage people to explore what Xavier University has learned and get proactively engaged in helping ensure the on-going authenticity of the American Dream. Here is a link to their website – http://www.xavier.edu/americandream/

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