Logic and Emotion in Video Marketing

09a197cHope Daley is the Executive Producer and owner of Guerrilla Media, a video production company in Naples Florida.  I have been reading Hope’s blog for awhile now and am impressed with the amount of quality information she shares.

I believe that video blogging is an area place marketers need to consider in their overall community media mix.  Research data clearly indicates an increasing trend for both capital investors and top talent using the internet to determine if a community makes their short list for consideration.  That means your community’s online presence is more important than ever.  Video blogging provides you an opportunity to deliver a virtual experience of your community that can leave a positive/personal impact on viewers and increase the probability of further consideration. Of course, it does not work the same way for all the businesses. Let’s say that roofing business would probably need some other marketing tools, you could try here to get your roofs done .You can also check out 3 Worst Ways To Spend Your Roofing Marketing Budget for some practical tips.

Hope’s video marketing series will help you better understand how to use video blogging as a communication tool to put your best foot forward and make a positive impression.  She will show you that video blogging is not as complicated as it may appear and need not be prohibitively expensive to use. Imagination Creations has a reputation as a top notch non profit video production company, producing effective, poignant and memorable videos for clients who return to us again and again. The authenticity we pour into our fundraising video production helps you stand out from the crowd, raises awareness of your organization and its cause, and pulls people in, heart and soul. You can also read more from here.

Daley Dose Online Video Marketing  Series

Especially as an ED professional you need to understand this basic fact – you need to make people feel something if you want them to do something. So what do you want people to feel about your community? If you’re trying to attract talent and business to the area then you need to make the area attractive to them. Tailor your messages to them. Create videos that speak to a specific industry and share them across social media for the maximum reach and in turn, pull. Generate interest. Educate viewers. Share tourism videos because you’re always selling the experience of living in your
community. You want a business to expand to your area? Address the business side as well as the fact that these businesses are going to be moving people to live there as well. You need to represent, in a clear and easy to understand way, the reasons they should consider your area over others and that requires logic and emotion in your marketing efforts.

I can’t say this enough – SHARE! Share photos of people, places, activities, businesses, business people, networking events, clubs, non-profits & causes – whatever goes on in your community that could draw interest to your specific area.. Use Hashtags on your social media posts, images, videos. Why? Watch this short video to learn more about the power of hashtags. Create a unique hashtag such as #inthe239 which aggregates posts with this tag in the area code 239. This makes it very easy for news sources to search for current items and images for possible stories and press coverage. What are Hashtags? Video Marketing-Online Strategy-Daley Dose-Naples-Florida

Don’t be afraid to try a new social media platform. Add 1 at a time to your daily or weekly routine to gauge it’s effectiveness and the time demands it creates. The key is consistent communication no matter what social platform you share your message on. Build your audience and build loyalty by replying promptly to those who might leave a comment or a message for you. The easiest way to manage to stay active is to utilize the many apps available for smartphones, for free. That way any time you are at an event or with community members it’s easy to snap a pic and share it online socially. The more you do this the more you create the sense of community that is desirable to the audience you are trying to reach.

We know how important and how confusing the social media landscape can be but we also know the huge benefits that can come from using it. To help our local, social and online communities we created an online video blog series that addresses a variety of questions, uses, best practices and more. If there’s something you have a question on send it in, along with your logo and headshot for credit in the video, and we’ll be sure to create an episode just for you. Be sure to browse the Daley Dose video topics to see if there’s something that could help you right now like our 4 part “How-To video blog” series… and film your next video in Arizona, why not.
Read more at: FrameByFrame.com.sg
info@guerillamedia.tv <mailto:info@guerillamedia.tv>

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