American Dream Insights – October 2015

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Xavier University’s American Dream Composite Index™ (ADCI) measures the extent to which people living in the United States achieve the American Dream. The ADCI is based on a random sample of no fewer than 1,000 adults who are surveyed online each month, with at least 400 respondents recurring from the previous month.

The monthly samples are representative, based on the most recent 2010 U.S. Census, of adults living in the U.S. Demographics capture age, income, ethnicity/race, gender, level of education, state/region of residence, marital status, homeowner status, and employment status.

Periodically, the team at Xavier University includes a few additional questions to better understand how residents sentiment on timely topics.  The data is shared with The Burghard Group for subsequent publication.  It is our hope you will ideally find these data actionable or at least interesting.

For perspective, the October 2015 survey has 1,150 respondents.  Note, percentages are rounded to the nearest tenth as a result (where relevant) published totals may not equal 100.


Most folks are not worried about losing their jobs, but millennials are the most concerned.

Statement – I am worried about losing my job. (agree/disagree)

Millennials (35.6% agree); Gen X (24.7% agree); Boomers (17.9% agree); Greatest Generation (4.8% agree); Overall (19.6% agree)

Millennials are the only generation saying they use social media more today than a year ago.

Statement – I am using social media more today than last year. (agree/disagree)

Millennials (62.5% agree); Gen X (44.0% agree); Boomers (37.9% agree); Greatest Generation (31.4% agree); Overall (41.8% agree)

Millennials are the first in line to buy new technology, but the Greatest Generation is the most skeptical and expect more from new technology.

Question – When new technologies are released, I am:

First in line to buy: Millennials (4.2%); Gen X (10.5%); Boomer (4.2%); Greatest Generation (1.1%); Overall (7.5%)

Excited but cautious about being a first adopter: Millennials (44.4%); Gen X (43.4%); Boomer (46.1%); Greatest Generation (40.2%); Overall (43.6%)

Skeptical and come to expect more: Millennials (22.5%); Gen X (27.5%); Boomer (25.8%); Greatest Generation (31.0%); Overall (27.1%)

Most people think the stock market will end the year at current levels.

Question: By the end of the year, I believe the stock market will be _____ then it currently is. (lower, the same. higher)

Millennials (12.5% higher); Gen X (12.3% higher); Boomer (18.8% higher); Greatest Generation (20.3% higher); Overall (16.1% higher)

Millennials (16.2% lower); Gen X (22.4% lower); Boomer (28.8% lower); Greatest Generation (28.4% lower); Overall (24.8% lower)

Millennials (71.2% same); Gen X (65.3% same); Boomer (52.4% same); Greatest Generation (51.3% same); Overall (59.1% same)


I’d like to thank Xavier University for their generosity in providing Strengthening Brand America readers free access to these data. I hope you take an opportunity to visit the Xavier University American Dream website to learn more about the research study and methodology.  I am certain it will reinforce your confidence in the data reliability.  I also hope you consider, as a quid pro quo, sharing the website with colleagues.  My goal is to share the website with as many people as possible who might benefit from the educational information.


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