How Authentic is Brand America’s promise?

The American Dream Composite Index powered by Dunnhumby is a quantitative instrument that measures the extent to which the American Dream is being achieved. The ADCI was developed by Xavier University.

The ADCI was
last updated
March 2015

The American Dream Composite Index (ADCI)  is a quantitative measure of how achievable the American Dream is perceived to be. The ADCI was developed by Xavier University.

Economic Development professionals know the ability to achieve the American Dream varies across our Nation and not all communities are created equal. Local public policy, infrastructure and asset availability all contribute to making it easier or harder to realize.

A national survey suggests that all things being equal, CEOs will prefer to locate their business operations in communities where residents perceive the American Dream is genuinely achievable. Until the ADCI data, there was no way to quantitatively assess the authenticity of Brand America’s promise, let alone compare locations. But now there is.

The ADCI data is available on a geographic basis making location comparisons possible. It is another measure Economic Development professionals need to monitor and develop local strategic plans to improve if they want their communities to be as competitive as possible for capital attraction.  You can read the 2016 American Dream State Ranking Report (beginning on page #182) to see how easy it is to achieve the American Dream in your state versus others across the Nation.

This ADCI regional report is made available through the generosity of Xavier University. The data will be updated every month. If you are interested in learning more about the authenticity of Brand America’s promise in your state, click HERE.

You may be interested in reading the Wall Street Journal coverage of the ADCI.  Click HERE for that article.

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