Geneva Analytics

Company: Geneva Analytics, Ltd.

CEO: Fred D. Burkhardt, MBA, IOM
Bachelor’s Degree- Mathematics & Science
Master’s, Business Administration
Former Director of Housing, Community & Economic Development, City of Fresno, California
Owner of Geneva Analytics, Ltd.

Company Operational Philosophy:
Geneva Analytics, Ltd. provide a full service economic and community development programming that centers on the utilization and revitalization of vacant and abandoned residential and commercial properties. Additionally, we offer development and support of new entrepreneurship ventures, public perception surveys and real estate related services.
We work with local government officials, agencies and community organizations to move derelict houses, dormant factories and strip malls from liabilities into assets that support citizen’s quality of life.
Our corporate operating philosophy is based on clearly defined goals and objectives, in-depth evaluation and verification of relevant data, development of realistic supporting budgets, real time implementation, progress related metrics and timely reporting.

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Geneva Analytics is aggressive in the marketplace. We believe that strategic planning coupled with outcome based implementation is essential to the overall health and economic wellbeing of communities.

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