McDonald Hopkins

Shale energy promises to change the game for our nation.  The development of energy from both the Utica and Marcellus shale reserves presents an unprecedented opportunity for the United States to become energy independent and retain and foster energy-intensive manufacturing companies that are a source of high-paying, quality jobs.

At McDonald Hopkins, we have a team of attorneys who understand the unique legal issues involved in energy development. We utilize the skills and expertise of attorneys from our various offices and disciplines to ensure the best opportunity to complete our clients’ energy projects. Our team includes professionals in litigation, mergers and acquisitions, construction, land use, restructuring, environmental law, real estate law, finance, business, regulatory compliance/PUC, tax and government affairs.

We are committed to the safe and fair development of our nation’s shale energy resources.  We believe this is best accomplished through education of public, elected officials and the economic development community on the risks/rewards of shale energy development and fundamentals of the industry.

This is why we are pleased to support the Strengthening Brand America Project efforts to provide the tools and knowledge you need as an economic development professional, to help educate thought-leaders and elected officials in your community on the facts about shale energy.

If you, or any the executives of the companies doing business in your community, have a question about the energy industry that one of our attorneys might be able to help answer, we encourage you to call, fax or email us.

Thank you for your on-going hard work and dedication to helping the communities you serve enjoy sustainable economic prosperity.


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