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Nemacolin Woodlands Resort cares about the community where it does business and about the competitiveness of our nation. The Resort has a remarkable history of corporate citizenship since being established in 1987 by my father, Joseph Hardy III, the founder of 84 Lumber.

We have always abided by one of my family’s favorite quotes from tennis player, Arthur Ashe who remarked, “From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life.”

The Hardy family, especially my father, worked very hard to make a living. He labored many years to build 84 Lumber into a successful company but instead of retiring to enjoy the comforts that he earned, he held a political office in Fayette County at the tender age of 80 as he saw a great need in the community. And, at that same time, dad also poured many of his personal resources into revitalizing Uniontown, PA, a town crippled with a struggling economy. The Hardy family continues to believe that it’s our responsibility to help individuals in need as well as organizations that can make a positive impact and does so with our commitment to the Building Hope campaign.

Most recently, my father recognized that a key to our nation’s long-term economic prosperity is the creation of a comprehensive national energy policy. To address this need, the Hardy family took action and founded the Nemacolin Energy Institute (NEI). The NEI vision is to catalyze public and private sector leadership collaboration in the development and commercialization of America’s energy resources.

And now, the team at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort is taking yet another step to  “make a life” by sponsoring the Strengthening Brand America Project. We realize that forward thinking economic development is mission critical to the sustained prosperity of both our citizens, our communities and our nation. The knowledge and tools provided by the Strengthening Brand America Project can enable local economic development professionals and elected officials to make better strategic decisions on asset creation, infrastructure investment and public policy reform.

The challenge facing our nation to ensure its citizens realize the American Dream is certainly daunting. But, our sponsorship of the Strengthening Brand America Project reflects my father’s core belief that “Nothing is Impossible”. We trust that with the right knowledge, local leaders across our nation can create effective long-term development plans for their communities enhancing their ability to attract capital investment and create jobs. The Nemacolin Woodlands Resort team is proud to play a small part in making that vision a reality.


Maggie Hardy Magerko

President & Owner, Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

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