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In today’s wired world, having a strong online presence is mission critical to your Organization’s long-term success. Based on estimates from the Internet World Stats report, there are roughly 2.3 Billion people online.   In North America, penetration has reach almost 80% of the population.  In any given day, three quarters of an Exabyte of data is transferred over the Internet.  There are roughly 213 million searches done every day on the Internet.  And probably most relevant to you is the DCI Winning Strategies 2011 research study reported that CEOs view the Internet as slightly behind site visits as the most effective marketing tool.

At Park Bench Digital we work every day helping Organizations get the biggest bang for their promotional investment in online media.  We know how hard that is to do on a limited budget, and we understand both the importance and the challenge you face to “get it right”.

That is why we are proud of our role as designers of the Strengthening Brand America Project website.  We believe that by helping you have easy access to information that can enable your communities to be even more competitive, we are in turn helping to strengthen our Nation’s global competitiveness.

We at Park Bench Digital, appreciate what the economic development profession does and would like to thank each of you for both your dedication and persistence.  We hope you find value in the Strengthening Brand America Project website and have a great experience when you visit it.  Our commitment to you is that we will continue to do whatever possible to make your experience even easier going forward.

If you would like to learn more about Park Bench Digital, feel free to visit our website or call us at 614-551-0368.

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