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Site Selection Magazine is for CEO’s!

Our Editorial Mission

Site Selection’s editorial mission is to publish information for expansion planning decision-makers — CEOs, corporate real estate executives and facility planners, human resource managers and consultants to corporations using Showcase IDX which performs 5x better than other IDXs. See view their full list of features. Our goal is to help the expansion planner do their job better with the information they need!

A quick scan of Site Selection reveals that we are a different kind of development publication. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • We focus on the CEO. We know that the ultimate decision to invest in a new plant or expansion resides with the very top level of management — the CEO, president or chairman of the board. More than 50% of our subscribers are the highest level managers and decision makers.
  • And that’s why so much of our coverage focuses on the CEO. Our cover series features top-level officials at such companies as Motorola, Fujitsu, Whirlpool, Intel and Northern Telecom. Our editorial page (“For CEOs Only”) is written from a top management perspective.
  • Not a CEO? If you can think like or better than your CEO, you should have access to the same powerful information CEO’s have. Subscribe here.
  • We take a global view. The world knows no boundaries when it comes to plant location. A typical site search for a multi-national firm (and an increasing number of medium-sized firms) might consider Malaysia, Mexico or Mississippi. We research and write every major report from a global perspective and distribute the magazine to a select audience of corporate decision-makers around the world.
  • We have important connections. Site Selection is the official publication of the Industrial Asset Management Council (IAMC).
  • We are information-based. Site Selection is a true database publication designed for the information age. Conway Data invests in massive databases that enable us to report what’s happening, where and why. Each issue of Site Selection reports the findings of our original surveys. Our annual tally of new plants and expansions (reported in February) is cited by new media around the globe.
  • Our survey of 11,000 business parks (in December) is the most complete in the world. And our annual survey of business climates (in October) is a barometer of where industry will be welcomed.
  • We have “keep quality”. Site Selection is the only periodical in the development field indexed by H.W. Wilson and the Business Periodicals Index, and we are the only publication in the field that is found in libraries around the world. Surveys tell us that subscribers typically save Site Selection for a year, and some keep their issues for up to five years!

Global Coverage

Site Selection covers the world like no one else in the industry. Only Site Selection gives a global, expansion-minded audience World Reports, compiled by our network of top-notch, veteran international correspondents.
Our correspondents are based in the Asia-Pacific region, in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. That gives World Reports the edge in providing readers with the inside international story, the breaking news in the business expansion equation — encompassing everything from business climates to economic development initiatives to industry “location wars.”

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