2013 American Dream Cities Ranking Report



This chart ranks MSAs with population of 1 million or greater based on resident assessment of how well they are achieving their American Dream.  The performance index versus national average is provided for reference.  MSAs with an index of 105 or greater (highlighted in blue) are designated American Dream Cities.  There is a material difference between how residents in these MSAs feel they are achieving their American Dream and the national average.  Conversely, residents in MSA s with an index of 95 or less (highlighted in red) are feeling well behind national average in achievement of their American Dream.

It is important to note that these data are intended to start a dialogue on how to better enable residents to achieve their American Dream.  The data reflect HOW residents feel, but do not explain WHY they feel the way they do.  Secondary market research is required to understand the sentiment drivers so strategies can be developed to address performance gaps.

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MSA Ranking 2013Further Analysis Is Available

The above chart reflects the overall performance score for each MSA.  However, this performance is based on resident ratings of 35 specific dimensions.  Dimension ratings provide important insight into specific areas for community leaders to consider for strategic planning.  Both overall performance and performance on each of the 35 dimensions can be compared between MSAs.  If you would like to receive a custom Report directly comparing of your MSA with another on each of the 35 dimensions, simply send an email to eburghard@mac.com.  The Report will provide the performance data as an index.  There is a nominal $25 analysis charge for each MSA comparison requested.


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