How to Execute

Successful application of private sector branding principles in place branding will result in accelerated job growth and economic recovery. The challenge is to appreciate the connection between competitive landscape assessment, strategic segmentation, promise definition, message development and communication; and, not be overwhelmed by the entire process. The purpose of this section is to connect place branding theory with practical application. Material provided will help you know what good looks like. Ideally it will help inspire you to continue your personal mastery journey by learning from others who have walked the same path.

The 7 Deadly Sins of Landing Pages

How to Write a Value Proposition that Doesn’t Suck

How Does CTA Placement Affect Conversion Rates

How to Improve Your Search Rankings with Social Media

How to Improve Your Web Conversion Rate

How to Schedule Posts with Facebook  

Setting Goals for your Email Marketing Campaigns

Understanding Email Marketing: Sender Reputation 

Understanding Email Marketing: What is Considered Spam

Innovation in America’s Regions

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