April 2010

Welcome to the latest update from Invest in America, the U.S. Department of Commerce’s program to promote foreign direct investment to the United States This monthly update is meant to provide a few quick points highlighting some activities of Invest in America.

Invest in America Outreach

Invest in America will participate in:

Recent Invest in America participation:

  • Trade and Investment Summit Workshop, hosted by Senator Kit Bond, Washington, DC, April 15, 2010.  The Prime Minister of Malaysia delivered keynote remarks.
  • International Economic Development Council (IEDC), Federal Economic Development Forum, Alexandria, Virginia, April 18-20, 2010.
  • “Invest in America Briefing on Federal Issues” with economic development officials engaged in FDI attraction at the U.S. state and local level, Washington, DC, April 21.

Reports of Note

The Vale Columbia Center on Sustainable International Investment has published a Handbook for Promoting Foreign Direct Investment in Medium-Size, Low-Budget Cities in Emerging Markets.  Though the primary intended audience of this document is emerging market economic development professionals, the practical advice in this Handbook is a great resource for medium- to small-sized cities and regions in the U.S. that are exploring ways to promote themselves as a destination for FDI.  This Handbook is a great resource for U.S. jurisdictions hoping to, among other things, create their first FDI-attraction strategy, build an investment promotion agency, and enact an after-care program that will help retain the FDI once it has arrived.

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) has launched a newsletter entitled “Investment Policy Monitor.”  The April 2010 Issue explores several global policy issues that affect outbound FDI flows.  As an example, Madagascar, South Africa, and Thailand recently introduced measures aimed at promoting outward FDI flows by relaxing foreign exchange controls.

Los Angeles Times article illustrates how China’s direct investments in the U.S. are growing rapidly.  In 2009, Chinese FDI in the U.S. is estimated to be in the $3.9 to $6.4 billion range by industry observers.  Both private and state-owned Chinese companies are investing in an increasingly varied array of U.S. sectors.  Some Chinese firms, aware that Chinese investments in the U.S. are sometimes viewed as being politically – instead of economically-driven, ally with business partners to ease these perceived concerns.


  • Inquiries to date in 2010: 84
  • Ombudsman cases in 2010: 5

Invest in America’s ombudsman program has achieved a number of successes in working across the federal government to address investor concerns and issues involving federal agencies. If a foreign investor has a federal-level issue that is jeopardizing an investment in the United States, please contact Aaron Brickman at 202-482-5199 or email Invest in America ataaron.brickman@trade.gov.

We invite you to connect with us through the “Invest in America” group on Linkedin.com.

Please address all comments and suggestions to info@investamerica.gov. For more information about Invest in America, please visit our website at www.investamerica.gov.

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