January 2010

Welcome to the latest update from Invest in America, the U.S. Department of Commerce’s program to promote foreign direct investment to the United States This monthly update is meant to provide a few quick points highlighting some activities of Invest in America.

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Reports of Note

American British Business 2009/10: The Guide to Investing in the USA contains practical advice for foreign companies exploring investment opportunities in the United States. The guide also highlights Invest in America as a resource for foreign investors and contains a welcome letter from Secretary of Commerce Locke.

The Emerging Market Global Players Project is an ongoing and collaborative effort led by the Vale Columbia Center on Sustainable International Investment (VSS) at Columbia University to examine emerging market based multinational enterprises (MNEs) and their growing outward FDI flows. Companies examined in these reports include MNEs in Brazil, China, India, Israel, Mexico, Russia, Slovenia, and Turkey with significant foreign asset holdings.

Achieving U.S. Energy Goals, a new report from the Organization for International Investment, illustrate how “insourcing companies,” the U.S. operations of companies based abroad, are contributing to America’s search for new energy alternatives. These foreign-owned companies are investing in the United States to conduct R&D and to make capital investments in infrastructure, while employing thousands of Americans in new and traditional energy sectors. They are taking advantage of what Ernst & Young identified as the most attractive market for renewable energy opportunities, the United States.


  • Inquiries to date in 2010: 18
  • Ombudsman cases in 2009: 2

Invest in America’s ombudsman program has achieved a number of successes in working across the federal government to address investor concerns and issues involving federal agencies. If a foreign investor has a federal-level issue that is jeopardizing an investment in the United States, please contact Aaron Brickman at 202-482-5199 or email Invest in America at aaron.brickman@trade.gov.

We invite you to connect with us through the “Invest in America” group on Linkedin.com.

Please address all comments and suggestions to info@investamerica.gov. For more information about Invest in America, please visit our website at www.investamerica.gov.

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