October 2010

Welcome to the latest update from Invest in America, the U.S. Department of Commerce’s program to promote foreign direct investment to the United States This monthly update is meant to provide a few quick points highlighting some activities of Invest in America.

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Reports of Note

The Vale Columbia Center on Sustainable International Investment has published two papers that explore future FDI trends from one of America’s largest sources of FDI, Canada, and one of the world’s largest emerging sources of outbound FDI, China. The Canadian paper, entitled “Outward FDI from Canada and Its Policy Context,” points out that the Canadian government actually supports outbound FDI as a way of enhancing the country’s international economic presence. The Chinese paper entitled, “What Will an Appreciation of China’s Currency Do To Inward and Outward FDI” is especially relevant in light of China’s interest rate increase this past week.

Researchers at the Small Business Administration have published the Global Entrepreneurship and Development Index (GEDI)report. The GEDI focuses on three broad areas: entrepreneurial attitudes, entrepreneurial activity, and entrepreneurial aspirations. The United States finished 3rd out of 71 countries measured, coming in 1st in the entrepreneurial aspiration sub-index but lagging behind in entrepreneurial attitude (6th) and activities (8th). A country’s openness to FDI plays a role in the GEDI – countries that are open to investment and trade flows tend to be more competitive and entrepreneurial.


  • Inquiries to date in 2010: 211
  • Ombudsman cases in 2010: 20

Invest in America’s ombudsman program has achieved a number of successes in working across the federal government to address investor concerns and issues involving federal agencies. If a foreign investor has a federal-level issue that is jeopardizing an investment in the United States, please contact Aaron Brickman at 202-482-5199 or email Invest in America ataaron.brickman@trade.gov.

We invite you to connect with us through the “Invest in America” group on Linkedin.com.

Please address all comments and suggestions to info@investamerica.gov. For more information about Invest in America, please visit our website at www.investamerica.gov.

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