Marketing is about the choiceful management of the capital investor experience. It encompasses the planning and execution of a holistic communication plan as well as influencing the key touch points where the capital investor’s opinion of the location is ultimately shaped to ensure a consistently authentic experience. While Place Branding emphasizes managing the Gestalt, Marketing focuses on creating synergy among the parts of the Place. The Place Brand defines the promise, while Place Marketing guides the practical strategic choices required to deliver the promise. Effective Place Marketing recognizes not everything can be accomplished immediately.

Marketing is about creating an emotional connection that can be further leveraged.

Marketing Resources

Guerrilla Marketing Articles (website)

Seven Touch Points (pdf)

Communication Strategy (pdf)

Influencer Marketing (pdf)

Targeting Guidance (pdf)

Targeting Advice (pdf)

Social Media Guide

Facts about Social Media

Advice on Using Competitive Intelligence in Economic Development 
Link to an expert blog

Viral Marketing: How To Use Viral Content to Get People Talking About You
Link to an expert blog

Advice on Making Web Data Actionable

OnceADayMarketing’s Channel (YouTube videos on marketing from James Glover)

Marketing Presentations

Ben Wright is CEO and founder of Atlas Advertising, and a former economic development practitioner for the Metro Denver EDC. Atlas Advertising specializes in place branding and online marketing for communities. Their AtlasInSite products is a new GIS solution designed to integrate directly with a location’s website application. Ben recently authored a presentation on how economic development is changing. In the presentation, Ben gives practical advise on tactical choices to help deliver a higher ROI on your marketing budget.

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