The Voice of Your Customer

k0swnevo_wk-padurariu-alexandruUnderstanding your customer’s real needs is absolutely critical to determining if your community is a viable location choice. Without insight into how your customer evaluates the capital investment decision, it is extremely difficult to present the assets of your community in a way that clearly communicates the benefits of building or expanding a business there.

The Voice of the Customer is designed to help you better understand how your customer thinks and what he/she really needs to make a well informed capital investment decision. In this section you will find posts from C-Suite executives and site selection professionals that share thoughts on how you can do an even better job meeting their real needs. Talk-Business offers 17 tips to find the best ways to create a loyal customer base.

We have asked Customers to define what they would like to see the economic development community keep doing, start doing, or stop doing. Think of the posts as a form of performance feedback that you can use to make positive changes in your economic development organization’s processes and procedures. The executives who share their thoughts want you to succeed, and want you to help make their job of finding the right location easier.

Stephen Covey claims “Feedback is the breakfast of champions”. Grab a cup of coffee and sit down to breakfast. Read what your Customers have to say.

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