Greg Myers

Greg Myers is the founder of MB3 Consulting.  The firm specializes in developing and implementing comprehensive economic strategies for communities and other economic development oriented organizations.  In addition, MB3 provides location and impact analysis and incentive services for growing businesses.  MB3 is located in Cleveland, Ohio.

Both Greg and his firm focus on ensuring a high level of integrity when working with clients and pride themselves on providing practical advice for both economic development and site location decision making.  I think you will find Greg’s counsel highly practical and definitely worth your consideration for implementation.

Appearance Matters

Remember that site selection decisions can be influenced as much by appearance as reality.  When evaluating short-listed sites, I, along with my clients, will often tour the community to get a feel for the quality of life and place.  If the community’s appearance is poor due to things like lack of property and/or infrastructure maintenance, uncleanliness or dilapidation, then that can raise questions about their ability and willingness to make the community a good place to work, live and do business.  The poor appearance of residential, commercial and/or public spaces can raise concerns in the company’s mind about everything from the quality of public services to the local work ethic.  Don’t focus on community development simply for appearance sake, do it to compete more effectively for economic development opportunities.


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